Sunday, April 5, 2009

Passport to fly!!

Just found recently that Immigration Department is open on Saturdays & Sundays frm 8am - 1pm at certain places like K.L, Johor & Ipoh.(not sure about other places)

This information really helps busy couple like us to save our wrkg hours or to take leave to go to Immigration department.

Took our 4 muskeeters along to make passports for them as we will be fying to Singapore in 2 months time to celebrate Di Ah Ma's 80 birthday in Singapore.

Less than 1 hour, we got back our passports & the amount was RM150 for each kid & RM300 for adults. The staff were friendly..mainly because no pressure to work on weekends ..only a handful of people there. They fixed a quota of 60 people to attend to for Saturday & Sunday (8am-1pm) but I think they hardly hit that number.

While waiting for about 15 minutes for them to print out the passports, the kids were enjoying themselves running around the empty building. Take a look:


Shannon's Mummy said...

^_^ love all the photos you took.. so warm and sweet...

wen said...

hmm..flying with 4 kids..i dont know if i can cope or not, but sure know u can!
ur girls can pass for being twins too!

jacss said...

wow.....the scene of kor-kor back riding the mei-mei was so bonding & sweet leh!! yr kids look very happy....that i wonder if they ever fight at home, LOL!!