Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chores! Grumbling & Cooking!

I didnt get my nap as I planned to this afternoon. Was blogging a bit, do housework a bit & grumble a bit for the mess the kids did to the house, the bathroom & toilet which stinks after they use them.

Later after doing 2 rounds of laundry with washing machine, I settled down to cook dinner.

This is what I cook but before I could take the pictures my family "gasak" (wallop) almost half of it when I was attending to a phone call.

Nevermindlah ! At least it shows that my cooking pleased their appetite!

Here are the dishes to eat with plain "Cintan" egg noodle instead of the usual rice:

Boiled cintan noodle mixed with garlic oil (Emmm i like the fragrant!)

"Moo Moo Kailan"
(Beef burger meat fried with Kailan)

Popeye in Garlic Sauna (Stir Fried SPinach with garlic)

Tomato Cili Cha Cha, Bilis Samba
(Sambal Tomato & ikan Bilis)

Like the names for my dishes?

Have a great week ahead. Take care.


MeRy said...

lot of dishes.....

Angeline said...

your dishes titles are so cool!

huisia said...

i like your Moo Moo Kailan :)

Tammy said...


eugene said...

hi irene,long time no hearing from you, bet everything is fine for you, do me a favor, dont deprive yourself a good weekend nap, it will do you a lot of you,,,

take care now and hope to hear from you soon

Mummy to QiQi said...

i prefer Vit's mee than cintan :)

jazzmint said...

i like ur moo moo kailan :P