Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Saturday & Sunday before school reopens on 5Jan09

Happy New Year to all.

School reopened on 5 January 2009. That means bzzzzzz, bzzzzzz, tuition, tuition, money, money, kids drive mommy crazeeee. ha Ha.

I had to send my 4 kids to school & settle them dwn, pay school fees, get to knw their form teacher & get their contact number, etc...!

Nevertheless, I had sometime with my mum to do some very early CNy shopping for home deco(at minimal expense since times are not soo good) on saturday. This is where we went (the wholesale shop that sells all the CNY ting ting tang tang near the famous Low Wong Nga Choy kai in twn):

Besides that, kids had earlier prepared for school by wrapping their books with the plactics wrappers. The twins had mini helpers (their loving sisters):

Saturday 3Jan 2009:What's for lunch? Ah Kong belanja all of us at KFC..so no cooking for me. Yippeee..can rest a bit.:

Then dinner, we only had the left over KFC and ate bread with winter melon and ham/bacon soup:


Nothing special..just stay home almost the whole day coz I had called for a maid from an agency to come at 7.30am to 4.30am for only RM60 to help me do some spring cleaning. These Indon aliens cannot be left to wrk without supervision or else you will end up doing double wrk instead. So half the Sunday was gone but at least the house is cleaner & tidier. Gosh my back aches after all that !

Lunch? Hubby bought back kai si hor fun & chicken rice coz we cant leave the maid alone at home.

That evening we went to visit my dad who has been hospitalised again for lack of blood(still under investigation for the actual cause).

Dinner? Honestly that evening I was sooo exhausted & tired, cannot even remember what we had for dinner. Mental shut dwn!

Anyway here's wishing all of you a sweet day & everthing nice. take care!

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Blessed mum said...

school reopen on the 5th? so nice.

hope your dad's condition had impoved.