Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3rd day CNY with ex schoolmates of 20yrs ago

Chor sam (3rd day) of CNY 2009

Met up with some good old friends from my alma mater 20 yrs ago.
Venue: Casuarina Hotel
buffet luncheon.

Though not many turned up but I was happy to meet friends like Mei Poh & kids, Sam & fmily, Kia Puay with hubby & daughter, Yin May, Debbie, Karen Lam & See Yoon with daughter at the above gathering today.

I brought my 4 kids & my mom along. Regret that not able to catch up much as some of us mommies were busy looking after our own kids. Nevertheless, really nice to meet old friends on this auspicious day.

May God bless our friendship for many more years to come & wish that next year the turn out would be better .


Charmaine Sim said...

maybe you gals can arrange another gathering without the kids the next time. This way, you can really enjoy each other company and catch up too.

Happy lunar new year to you and family!

Bengbeng said...

glad u r enjoying yrself. as for the ambulance was for my mother in law. :) urinary infection it seemed

Angeline said...

so cool!
chu-san used to be friends visiting time, but since kids popped out from the tummies, we dropped the idea already becos of school....

Tammy said...

It's nice to be able to meet up with old friends.