Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Backdated Post: Part 4: Dennis had wheezing

13 january 2009

My 2nd twin had asthmas when he was 2 yrs old. Thankfully my other 3 kids (including the elder twin) were spared.

Since twins started swimming lesson at age 7, Dennis had not had asthma attack for 2 years after that.

Lately due to the Winter cold air frm other continentals,the weather was rather cold last week. Dennis developed flu like symptom & had wheezing when he breathed. Fearing that his asthma attack is back , triggered by cold, I took him to the emergency unit at General Hospital at 6am.

Their service was good. Just a quick registration & directly we went to the nebuliser room specially for asthmatic patients (not having to wait in queue despite other more serious cases waiting outside).

This is Dennis during the nebuliser treatment.

This rascal of mine can still fool around being hyper despite his condition.
I still remember I read somewhere that said "All asthma has wheezing but not all wheezings are asthma!" With that I was hoping the wheezing was just due to the cold trigger. There was instant decrease of wheezing post treatment & Dennis could resume school that morning itself after the treatment.

After the nebuliser for 2 consecutive days( morning & night) at GH, Dennis is OK now.

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