Sunday, November 1, 2009

Maggi Sunday

The weather was cool & wet today.

Woke up at 7am as usual despite a beautiful Sunday. Went to market with my "littlest" to buy groceries to cook breakfast, lunch & dinner(to cut cost).
Nowadays eating out can really drain the wallet..easily RM60 for 3 meals for a family of 6 like mine. With RM60 or less, I could cook 3 meals (I mean nutritious & to my family's tastebuds food)

What did I cook this Sunday?


Pineapple & Chicken Fried rice

My kids had pestered me to make them Maggi. So I made different variety of maggi to suit their individual taste for my entire family...but with lots of vege & protein added (to force them to eat the vege,i had to chop them finely when preparing the ingredients)

1) Mama-k Mi Goreng Tai look Min
(For my daughters who loves KON LOW(dry ) & non spicy style

2) Maggi Mee with Chicken Bolognaise style for my twins after their Taekwando

3) Maggi Goreng ALa Kampung with Ikan Kembong & Sawi (for my dear)

4) Green Curry Sausage-Seafood Maggi for myself.(taxed by my big eater 2nd twin)

After lunch especially after such a MASSIVE cooking, one will expect a lot of washing up to do. My twins washed the dishes, the girls wiped them, hubby iron clothes & I cleaned up the messy kitchen.

After that, we head to Batu Gajah again ..this time not for golf but to the historical Kellie's Castle. Stay tune for the updates on my next post on this simple outing.


Mummy to QiQi said...

now i know where to eat in IPoh, its yur house!

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your hubby irons the clothes? So nice of him.

Physiomom said...

Yes Shireen, I'm indeed lucky to have an ego executive who is willing to be a weekend "iron man" for me helping me with other chores, too!!