Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Medical Uniforms & Scrub Tops

As healthcare workers working in a hospital environment, it is compulsory for us to wear our uniforms.

The most common complaints I hear from my nursing collegues are about their boring standard nursing uniforms. There are not much choice of pattern to choose from locally here.

Internationally the Medical Uniforms wore by medical staff (whether they are doctors, nurses or paramedics) are more or less the same design.For the head of units/department or Health Ministry to choose a Medical uniform/ scrub top to suit everyone’s individual tastes sounds like a daunting task. Perhaps that is why most of the uniform seen locally here are quite standardised, boring and dull!

However lately I came across some Scrub Tops which are pretty cool, fashionable, affordable, even fun and yet looking professional.

My nursing collegues will surely be delighted to have a chance to wear these fashionable range of uniform. They will sure wish that the hospital management would allow them to put on these unique selection of fashionable and colourful range of nursing uniform to add cheer and personality to their daily nursing chores.

My doctor collegues working in the Intensive care unit especially the younger age group might just love the choice of these slim cut, streamlined, colorful and comfortable scrub tops. The colourful patterns will surely cheer up the sick patients staying in the intensive care units and regular wards and even speed up their recovery!!

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