Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun with Wall Stickers

During my recent school holidays Penang Trip, I stumbled upon these very nice artistic wall stickers which come in many designs but in 2 packaging. One smaller & 1 bigger ones.There are many different series of them, for various places like living room, kitchen, kids room, bathroom and many more....

Here are some designs which I bought & started my school holiday project at home with them:

1) The living room: Welcome Puppy!

2) Teatime Theme for the kitchen

3) Doggies for the wooden back door

4) Romantic hearts & bubbles for the bedroom

5) Teabreak design for cupboards

Dnt u think these are great ideas to add zest to our old walls & dull spots at home?
I'm addicted to them & will definitely get more!


Mummy Moon said...

Very nice! I like it. You have got a very good taste ya!

prince n princess mum said...

So nice...

MeRy said...

Nice stickers.

BongFlo said...

not too much irene or else your home might look like a deco wall for stickers... just browsing around here today. ciao!