Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy mommy's Day!

Calling all moms, mommies, emak, ibu, amah, mou chan, mami, etc! Watever the title u
r holding in the love of ur darling kids, here's wishing u a fantabulous HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY!!

I am enjoying every moment of it now in a simple, leisure n pleasurable way with my family:

1. Went for linedancing n leisure walk at d park at 7am this morning:

2. Endeavouring nature with my girls as they had fun at the playground.
Made myself a HEART SHAPE from petals of FLAME of THE Forest!

3. Now going to golf sanctuary to relax and unwind .. Trying to meet my contest datelines!

How's your mother's day ? Hope u hv a wonderful and interesting one!!

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prince n princess mum said...

Sounds nice.. Happy mother's day!