Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Juliana's birthday party at home

Ju was so excited with her party. One week ago she already sent out her own made birthday invitation card to her friends. Then she made a request for a BARBIE doll cake. So her soft hearted mummy took her to her childhood bakery and ordered a 2kg Barbie doll cake with special specification and red colour roses on Barbie's gown.

This is the photo showing Ju's Barbie doll decoration in progress by the Bakery Ko Ko.

Ju insisted that she wants Barbie holding a bunch of colourful balloons.

We invited about 20 adults and 30 children to Juliana's 4th Birthday tea party at 4pm.
Door gifts: Those lovely Flower lollies (idea courtesy of Lian)

The menu included:
The famous Sharon's laksa, spaghetti, fishball, butter tarts,
fried meehoon, curry chicken, yam cae(wu tau kou), Hong Tau sa(red bean soup), Tutti fruti and "jambu soda/ red guava punch".

1) Break the Pinata
Believe it or not? None of thekids could break it even with daddy's golf club. That's because the twins koko put too many layers of newspaper. So mummy had to play cheat and cut the pinata a bit to make it break easier.
After the Pinata was broken, the kids were thrilled and showered with golden coins(chocolates),andies, marshmellows and confetti.


3) Do Re Mi Chair.

4) Personalised Your Flower Lolly

Ju were showered with so many gifts from generous uncles and aunties and their kids. Can u imagine..she received 5 sets of Barbie doll sets including one with Barbie and her big car and big house. Thanks to all the lovely invitees for their presence and presents in making this party a joyful and meaningful one for our Princess Juliana.

Happy Birthday and God Bless U to be a fine jewel of our hearts, girl!

(At last the party is over.....i'm so exhausted entertaining my guests. Ju slept from 6 pm to 9 pm that evening)


Ling That's Me said...

the cake is sooo nice!!

Creative B Bee said...

Wow! So excited leh! Belated Happy Birtday to yr little girl. I just came back from Ipoh yesterday, thought that can see yr Bali pic!!!!!Pls lah quik quik download here lah. TQ kekekek

renet13 said...

He He Be patient loh Creative B Bee. Coming soon too many to load and will put in

The cake cost me RM65.oo. So expensive but worth it .

jazzmint said...

happy belated birthday juliana. whoa that's a very beautiful cake ;)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Juliana :D What a swell party. I love the nice Barbie cake :D I'm sure mine will ask for it when she's in the Barbie phase :D

jeannie said...

the barbie doll cake is so nice and i like it so much although i not a child.

liteng said...

Happy belated birthday to ur lil' princess :)