Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chinese New Year Mood Oredi!

My twin boys have been pestering me to get them a liondance head for them to play and dance with. It's not cheap. A big liondance head cost about RM50, a medium one about RM 40 and a small one like those currently sold at TESCO is going for about RM36. After shopping around...I finally found a good buy at one of the shop in Sitiawan town during our recent vacation there. I got a medium head for only RM30. A yellow one with green stripes.

This is my twin's innovative creation before I bought them the lionhead.

Speaking of CNY mood, the atmosphere at Ipoh Kinta City shopping centre (where Jusco is) was enhanced with the Chinese new year deco and backdrop.
My girls enjoy posing on the stage at the shopping centre lobby. Take a look-

Here's wishing all Malaysians celebrating CNY a very GONG XI FA CAI!


InnocentWitch said...

You are definitely one cool mom.... Mom with facebook, Mom with blog.... Mom tat care for her children and also a good wife....
I salute u madam.... kekekeke

i also got my blog...

Health Freak Mommy said...

My gals have also been bugging their daddy for a liondance head!